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Have you been watching a lot of porn and you are now confused by the many and weird sex positions? You do not have to follow what you see there. In fact, you should not take home what you see in those porn films. This article will discuss tips that will help you to keep that spark in the bedroom. Read on.


A well-toned and lean body is a perfect turn on. Exercise does not only give you a well-shaped body but gives you the energy required to enjoy sex longer. Your body will as well be flexible such that you can try different types of sex positions. Do not force your body to do anything, start slowly and gradually you will get there.


You are the only one who can teach your partner how to treat you best. Masturbating helps you to find your pleasurable points. This way you will understand what to request for. Knowing what to ask does not only give you more pleasure but is exciting for your partner.


Sex games are another great way to improve and spice up sex life. You can play the game with your husband or include another couple you are free with. Such games are fun and can be used as a foundation when you go to bed.


It is very important to share your sex fantasies with your partner. Act at most two weeks after they shared their fantasy with you. For instance, if your partner fantasizes sex toys and you are okay with them, you can introduce them in the bedroom.


There are a million sex books you can read and get the help you need. If you do not have such in your bedroom, it is time to get one. Try to get spice up when the whole week has been about the normal missionary style. It is best if you read them with your partner.

Dress and Remain Sexy

Couples tend to get used to each other and take each other for granted with time. Try to stay as sexy and as smart as when you first met. Throw those old and oversized clothes away. Things might have changed, with children now but try to keep the fire burning just like it used to be.

Sensual Massage

Massage is another great way to connect with your partner after sex. Use some scented massage oil or use something eatable like yogurt and lick it after you are done massaging. No one will remain normal after such a gesture.